#1 Describe the type of player that’ll enjoy your game. And who won’t.

As I said in the Marketing 101 post I´ll layout 8 steps to create a simple Marketing Plan for launching a game, so here it´s the first: Imagen1

  • What are the motivations of the players that want to play your game?
  • What are the reasons some players turn away from the kind of game you’re developing?

Imagen3 People that enjoy getting in the tank before making a move. Players who like organization and structure. The social aspect of the game and the community is essential so they’re able to share experiences and progress. They prefer multiplayer and coop games. For them, being inside a team is preferable than playing solo. Imagen2 On the flipside, independent and competitive players that don’t want to risk their ability to progress in the game by relying on other people.  They rather have complete freedom in their choices.  More casual players that play games just to  relax or take a break from more stressing endeavours. Know what your players are… Imagen6