Indie Marketing 101 – Shape Your Game


You are developing your game in asmall team and you think you don’t have the time, resources and knowledge for an extensive marketing plan. And you’re right!

What game developers out there care about the most is designing beautiful and fun games that create great game experiences for the players. That’s the goal of every game developer.

It’s still important to know where you’re heading though, because the competition is ruthless.

In order to make the most of your game development decisions, you need to ask yourself a few important questions. Don’t worry, I’ll share a canvas that will help you shape your game idea.

Go through the complete shaping canvas in a single meet up with your team, and lay out the foundations for the game you want to develop.

These are the eight points I’ll lay out for you in my next 8 posts:

#1 Describe the type of player that’ll enjoy your game. And who won’t.

#2 Decide which is the right platform for your game. And which isn’t.

#3 Compare your game to the existing possibilities in the same category.

#4 Compare your game to a successful one in the same category. And to a few failed ones.

#5 Find a way to make your game stand out. Uniqueness.

#6 Tap into the deepest feelings of the players.

#7 Define the gaming experience you want for your game.

#8 Envision how players will perceive your will game.

In Closing

I’m sure raising this questions with your team has lead you to a better understanding of where your game stands in the industry. Consider this walkthrough as a firm starting point.